The Confederate Army was made up of people of all races and creeds. For example, one of the key Cabinet Members and the man called the "Brains of the Confederacy" was of the Jewish race. There were women in high places and with military ranks as high as Captain. Cherokee tribes and others played a key roll in the War between the States as did the Mexican-Americans in the southwest.. Cherokee General Stand Watie and his men were the last Confederates to surrender at the end of the War.

The Confederacy could not have lasted for four years had it not been for the contributions of the African -Americans in the South.  We acknowledge that many of them were in the bonds of slavery, but even so, they made huge contributions to the survival of the Confederacy, and many served voluntarily as full fledged Confederate soldiers fighting for the south. Many  produced the materials of War; raised the food to feed the armies; protected the woman and children at home; and suffered innumerable injustices at the hands of the invading Northern Armies.  Free African Americans and some still in bondage (some estimate 90,000) fought along side of their white counterparts, receiving equal pay, unlike the Blacks who fought in the North in segregated companies and who received less pay. The first Union officer killed in battle in the War of Northern Aggression was shot by a Black Confederate sharpshooter.

After the War. Southern Black Confederate Veterans enjoyed the brotherhood and recognition from their white peers.  Through-out the South there are monuments to the valor, loyalty and bravery of these valued men and woman, including the Confederate Monument at Arlington National Cemetery.  There have also been many articles printed over the years in the voice of the veterans - The Confederate Veteran, and other publications lauding the contributions of Black Confederates and many black Confederate descendants demonstrate and speak out in defense of the Sons of Confederate Veterans; of which they are members.

Today, unfortunately racism continues to exist in the country.  Our beloved Confederate Symbols have been illegally used by some groups in a way inconsistent with what those symbols stood for and are being demonized by those who would use them for political and financial gain.

In this light, The Sons of Confederate Veterans denounce the KKK and all hate groups, as they have no right to use the honorable flag of our Confederate ancestors, which included some 93,000 Blacks soldiers.

WHEREAS, the use of the Confederate Battle Flag by extremist political Groups and individuals who seek to clothe themselves in respectability by misappropriating the banner under which our southern ancestors fought for a cause which was noble as much latter day use is ignoble , and

WHEREAS , The Sons Of Confederate Veterans are the true inheritors of legacy and symbols for which the Confederate Veterans fought and died , and